LF: Pearl of Ineffable Knowledge with + Mag size

Got some good lvl 65 m10 gear to trade. Consecutive hits Backburner, Moze class mods with good rolls as well as Seein Dead class mod with good rolls for a clone build. u rad Prompt Critical, urad Flipper etc. I have quite a few items that might be of interest so just let me know what youre looking for and theres a decent chance that I have it :slight_smile:

Psn: iimpreZ-

Are you still looking for a pearl? I have one with mag size and fire rate. Do you have any good blood starved beasts?

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Yes im still looking! Yes I do what anoitment are you looking for on them? Add me on psn :slight_smile:

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I’ll add you now and talk on psn :blush: my psn is kirkvisa

I probably added the wrong name also so you might have to add me. Psn kirkvisa

Ill add you, I wont be on til tomorow though :slight_smile:

Thats no problem. I’ll send you the pearl later today though :slightly_smiling_face:. If you have a urad flipper ill just take that