Lf pearl of ineffable w mag size and fire rate

Looking for a pearl of ineffable knowledge with mag size and fire rate. Got a few things to trade in return! Thanks

Got any SNTNL boom sickles?

Sorry I don’t. Got sntl brainstormers, a couple redistributors, anarchys, a lob, krakatoa, kybs worth. All sntl

Got pictures of the sntnl anarchys?

There not very good unfortunately, this is the best one. Oh I also have a x2 recursion with sntl anoint. Also got a x18 anarchy with 100%ase

i’ll take this. psn: TheNimbusKid

The anarchy? Alright I’ll add you and send it your way if you can send the pearl

Psn is kirkvisa btw. I sent those plus just my other op anarchys

Sent, thanks!

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