LF Pearl w/ mag size and fire rate

Hey all, I’m looking for a Pearl of Ineffable Knowledge with +Mag Size and +Fire Rate.

G.T. Jmak4Life

I’ve got one. You have any good stuff to trade?

Best I have atm as potential offers would be either a cryo or rad lob with ASE splash, a shock lob with sntnl cryo, a rad rowen’s with cryo sntnl, fire cutsman w/ phase slam 300% damage, a cryo hyperfocus with sntnl cryo, a couple different night hawkins with sntnl cryo, hellwalker, krakatoa and hellshock all with sntnl cryo or a Maggie with 100% damage ASE if any of those are of interest to you.

What build are you using this Pearl on? I see a lot of people wanting these but not sure what they are going for with it? Care to enlighten me?

I use it mostly on my flak because it synegrizes well with his other skills but I’ve used it on gamma, rakk, and fade away. It works nicely with a stackbot mod and multi pellet weapons as each one can proc a stack. Honestly though it works well on all characters from what i can tell. It’s just an outright damage boost