LF people to play battleborn pve and pvp

Im looking for some people to play battleborn with

Dont have to be a pro just looking to have fun and enjoy the game.

GT: Mi11ertime99
message on here or on xbox live

Gt: magyklyXdelish

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I added you

Sounds good. If you ever see me on and you wanna play just send me an invite :slight_smile:

Buk0wski77 - w/mic. I’d love to start getting into pvp.

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stroker85 w/mic

Rank 100 pvp or pve… only willing to play if you have mic though Gamer tag:Tendedcorn8888

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I added you and I have a mic.

Hey there! You can add me. I have a mic.

Tag: Bazzie8D

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GT: Spitefoo

Send me an invite on Xbox Live