Lf people to PvP with

My buddy is currently moving so I’m playing solo atm. Trying to find a few people to play some PvP with and have some fun. I’m not looking for a hardcore group but not a bunch of blueberries either. I can hold my own with almost any character. I main Marquis, ( I like the pressure he puts out), but I’m very comefotrable with Miko, Reyna, Oscar Mike, Benedict, Galilea, and Orendi. So I really don’t mind playing anyone. I just enjoy Marquis the most. Hit me up if you need another for your group. No kids please.

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Hey man Hit me up if you wana play some time i am currently looking for others to party with psn is HavicStone add me any time

Sure let me finish up this story mode mission and ill add you.

kk cool was about to push out a rath guide but it can wait lol if you wanna go a few rounds

Hey add me up I’m looking to do some pvp PSN Blackfox1323

I added you. Lacifarus1188 is my psn. Sorry I meant to add you last night but I fell asleep in that story mission lol. Must jave got bored.

Hey, you can add me too. Looking for some people to do pvp with. PSN-korupt987

Add me psn Unsham3d

Im down jraiden1121