LF Perfect Incendiary Lucian's w/ 100% damage anoint

anointed Recurring Hexes (Cryo, Shock)
anointed MIRV-tacular Hex (Radiation)
Perfect Cryo Lucian’s w/ 100% damage annoint
God-tier Bounty Hunter COM
God-tier Ice Breaker Otto Idol

Tons of other stuff, ask if I have it and I probably do (other than Zane anoints).

I Have this - do you have any 250% phasecast smgs like cutsman or crossroads ?

Yeah I do, I might be able to be on in about an hour. I can send it to you if you give me your ign

Also, can I see a pic of your Lucian’s

Sorry man went to bed last night. I will send you a pic when I get home after work today.

Epic tag: bigchuvak

Talk to you later !