LF - Performance-Enhanced Rough Rider - Will love you long time! GT-RaXn

So yea, I need this shield. im practically at my wits end. Please if you can help me, I will love you long time for sure! we can dupe it even, just please if you have heard any whereabouts of this child , please do what Jesus would do! XoXo

looks really nice, rough rider is never considered “depleted” tho

you are wrong, its always considered depleted.

well, i got a rough rider with reload speed when depleted and it’s not working, also got one with 8% movement speed and it’s not working.

did you get different test results from your rough riders?

i know rough riders, this is not actually a new shield, rocked it in borderlands 2. im confident that this is how the shield works.

unfortunately this is not borderlands 2

I would like to do the testing myself on this one. what annointment do you want for shock helix?

looking for any 50% elemental mag or 100% weapon dmg/125% boss dmg… anything really, i can trade you different rough riders too…

if your on pc tho :wink:

A lot of testing has been done, and the results are that the bl3 version of RR is weird. Its never full nor depleted, making a lot of bonuses inactive. Not sure why it can even spawn with those bonuses.

i guess they will fix it someday… but don’t think it’s a priority

If you read the shield its not even resistance to damage anymore just plain damage reduction that doesnt stack too well with any other damage reduction stuff. If you arent running a pure hp build its a really poor shield in this game, at least until they fix any of its issues.

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possibly its just bugged and they will fix it, i still want it lol. the annoiment will at least work.

I guess the “after action skill end” will work, but you can just find that on other shields at that point, and its a really specific anointment so good luck getting that.

with this shield and some skills with amara i can get a 92% dmg reduction in close range, you become unstoppable with 15k hp.

hey there, Just a quick confirmation since I was linked here

I did some heavy testing with the rough rider, and sadly yes it is completly bugged right now, when ever something says that it requires FULL shield or DEPLETED shield… it does not work right now
the rough rider is 100% LOW on shield, but it is NOT depleted and therefore the 80% melee damage, 10% speed, or reload speed, do NOT work… also full shield perks like the guardian thing dont work.

BUT there is a work around you can do right now so it IS depleted… all you need a is a relic that has something like +1600 shield capacity this will make it so it is depleted, since you technically have shield, but it can ver be regenrated. :slight_smile:

92% damage reduction is like having +50% health. Which yea, its nice. But im guessing it took a lot of your build to get the numbers that high, so not sure how worthy it is.

you can use a rough rider + breaker class mod with -18% dmg taken
(thats 40 + 29 +18 + 23 = 110)

finding a breaker mod with -18% dmg reduction is reasonable, finding this particular rough rider, i’m not sure.

the real question is, do you have an anointed star helix?^^

Why star helix? ive seen a lot of those never tested how good it is so i just ignored them after that. What is it good for? :open_mouth:

i just like it. also the x3 projectiles can hit the same target, it’s just a strong assault rifle

hey thanks for the info! but really im here for the dmg reduction and max hp bonus the melee dmg is just icing on the cake. and you say it yourself the shield is bugged so they may fix it. im not giving up hope on this one haha.