LF> phase grasp anointed terror skull grenade

need a decent ice or radiation grenade to summon terror skulls, so i can free up my weapon slots.
i prefer it to have homing; if you have a good homing one that isn’t radiation or ice, i may consider it any ways.

thanks for listening. Gorghandi

this is a bump, is kinda real important i get an epic or legend grenade with siren terror skulls. is technically the last piece to put my build together. obviously some kind of multi hit homing radiation or ice grenade would be best. but right now i just need one better than cloning hunter seeker.

thanks for listening. Gorghandi

I have a Phasegrasp Terror Skulls AAA if you want?

sorry it wont let me close this post, i have a newer post with what im looking for now. i have found a worthy source for my terror skulls. now i need a better mod, and a couple of weapons. thanks for your reply.