LF phasecast anotied weapons!a

LF phasecast anotied weapons!a

I have a phasecast anointed shield if your interested

Yes I am you looking for anything

I’m currently looking for elemental projector deathless with mag size increase or anointed diluvion firestorm

This is the shield

Honestly you can just have it if you want it if not I’ll ditch it

No thanks but I am looking for class mod for phasecast though I can get what you looking for a buddy of mine has it

I don’t have any amara class mods atm but I have loads of other stuff all anointed anything else you may be interested in weapons or shields?

I’m assuming it’s the phasezerker your after?

Dude are you really able to help with the elemental projector deathless with mag size increase? I’m literally at the point where I will pay $$$ for it