LF: Phasegrasp Annointed gear FT: Phaseslam Annointed gear

I have a bunch of phaselam annointed gear but no phasegrasp gear.

Willing to trade the phaselam gear for phase grasp gear on the siren.

PSN: Poker_Jedi

Mean to put this in the PS4 trading post section!!

Got you moved - good luck!

I have a Phasegrasp Negating Infinity. LF Gamma Burst Gear, Red Fang, Annointed Recharger, or Annointed Event exclusive items.

I will have to check later this evening when I get a chance to get on and see if I have any of that gear. Is the negating infinity an elemental weapon?

Its a cryo infinity pistol. I think Negating always means cryo like Nuclear/Radiation and Molten/Fire. Not 100% sure though

Inhave phasegrasp weapon handling weapons. Like a gatling gun. What exactly are you looking for?

Looking for lucians call, crossroads, nighthawkin, laser sploader, etc. that deals additional damage after using phasegrasp.

Not sure if those annointments exists or not since I’ve never seen any.

I’m working on a Zane build so any good cryo weapons with Additional damage annointment would be good as well.