LF Phasegrasp Anointed Hellwalker

Im sick of the playstyle with the new Driver mod and wanna do some other stuff

I have a ton of legendary Items to trade, pls let me know if you have such a Hellwalker :smiley:

Done 70 Road Dog kills now within close to 300 runs to his spawn Location…

3 Redline shotguns, 2 artifacts and one Hellwalker with no anointment >.<

I have a Hellwalker with ASE 100% dmg.
LF: EMP5 - ASE 100% Dmg, ASE x2 Mags
Wagon Wheel (6 Shot) - ASE 100% Dmg

hm, do you also Need other Things or just These? :slight_smile:

Umm… Shock Recurring Hex - Apply Terror
Night Hawkin - Increased Crit on Terror

hm i only have the nagata and surge mod with the Terror apply.
but i have a
rack pack com with 45% Jacobs crit dmg
Flakker with 300% dmg after phaseslam
double penetrating redline with 300% dmg after phaseslam
one of the new Driver mods

if youre interested

I play Amara but already have a Driver.

the only Things i have found yesterday are
Infinity 250% dmg after phaseslam
Corrosive Breath of the Dying with ASE x2 Mags
shock Rowans call ASE x2 mags
the butcher 300% after phaseslam
conference call with 250% after phasegrasp

if you want some of them