Lf phasegrasp maggie

Have few items to swap/give away

Pretty sure most people use either next two mags bonus Damage or 100% ASE for Phasegrasping.

Is that what you’re looking for?

Or do you actually want the phasegrasp anointment?

I’m not that sure as I’m newish but I don’t have level 50 Maggie at all and don’t know where to farm them

Sent you an ase Maggie.
Think dedicated drop is the trex in circle of slaughter.

Cheers much appreciated :+1:t2:

I did that yesterday but got something else

I have a ASE 50% shock maggie I could part with

You need anything for it I’ll see if I got it

I don’t need anything but if you have a skeksil (shock) w sntnl anointment or a sledge shotgun (gamma anointed) I’d gladly take it. I think you may be on my friend list but I’m not sure.

I’ll check when I’m home later, cheers

Thank you, I’m also sending you one with next two magazines have 50% bonus shock damage

Never had either soz, but glad about the hotfix later tonight

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Any redistributors getting cobwebs on em :thinking: