LF phaseslam damage gear

Looking for some phaseslam 300% damage gear:

Monarch fire and corrosive. Pref x8

Kaoson fire fully auto x2 if poss

Sandhawk fire, shock & corrosive.

Opq (m10 damage)

Lob shock & corrosive

Any other meta gear with that anointment


Stuff. Some Zane 100% cry sntnl bits, some other general anointed gear. Have a load of artifacts of various types inc best pearl and banjo

Also have

OPQ 300/90 and 200asa 7931x2
rad Lob asa200 26255
corrosive Lob asa200 24247
cryo Lob asa200 29755
Fire Lob 300/90 29479
corrosive ion cannon 300/90 73591
non-elemental scourge 300/90 22042
kinetic Lyuda 300/90 3479x2
fire sandhawk 200asa
YC x1 300/90
corrosive Hyperfocus 200asa
YC x2 ASA 75badass/named
Krakatoa asa200
Hellshock 5573x2 9300/90
PewPew 300/90 2537x4

Hit me up with what you are looking for.