LF Phasewalker mod

Looking for Siren Phasewalker mod, not picky.

Got different things to trade including moze bloodletter mods and blastmaster mod

Do you have a Storm Front grenade mod?

Let me check think i finally sold them

I farmed a bunch of class mods so I may have one lying around. Dont need anything in return but if you want to suprise me then thats on you XD. Ill send one your way if I can get your GT and I do indeed have one on hand.

GT: Zombiesomething

And yes I still have a storm front

Would be happy to =)

GT: Zombiesomething

Awesome! What would you like for that Storm Front?

You mean the Phasezerker though right? Because I cant say ive heard of a phase walker class mod. If that is the case then I can send you one.

Must be phasezerker yeah sorry

Looking for phazezerker com

If you’re getting the Phasezerker class mod from Peachy, would you like something else from me instead?

Give me your GT and i will mail the grenade mod…if you find a phasezerker send it my way

K I need to clear some space on my mule anyway so think nothing of it. It aint the best but it’ll serve the purpose. The one im personally Using now has splash damage, gun damage, and hyperion weapon damage… Tis quite the roll if you ask me!

It’s Hunter0471

I’ll keep an eye out for you. Thanks!

Alright I sent it your way, Hope you like torgue weapons!

Whats your GT?

My gamertag is Hunter0471