LF Phasezerker Amara Mod with +Assault Rifle Dmg. Any shields with Anointed Siren/Skill cooldown

I have tons of good stuff.

Laser-spolders, Fire with 250% after phasecast, Electric, Corrosive
Kings call fire with +300% after phaseslam
Hellwalker with +300% after phaseslam
Kings/queens any element
Flakker Fire (anointed but forget what exactly) and normal
Binary Cutsman, Fire, Electric, Corrosive
Lucians Call, Fire and Ice
Arctic Hawkins
Lyuda sniper Electric, normal, Annexed Fire
Crossroads Fire and Electric
Recurring Hex electric
Rain Firestorm
Green quality shield with +200 dmg after phaseslam

GT = EPACALYPSE send me message online (for faster service) and lets trade.

I have phazerker mods a bunch of them I would like the Flakker or if you have a snowdrift loaded dice I’m interested

Add me

will do when I get home. I’ll be on in an Hour from now. Will add and chat. :slight_smile:

Ok sounds good