LF phasezerker and rocketeer mods

Looking for lvl72 phasezerkers with AS cooldown, damage, magsize, crit damage or splash, and rocketeer mods with 5 points in Fire in the skag den.

Most interesting stuff I can offer are…

  • Ember’s purge
  • Stingers with every elements
  • Resonant Rico (+30 reflect while shielded)
  • Pearl with mag size and fire rate
  • 32027x2 OPQ system
  • Kaosons in every element
  • Lvl1 It’s piss grenades with every ASEs
  • Bekahs with iron site and the open scope
  • ASS Revolter with fleet and vagabond
  • Brawler plus ultra with slam annoint
  • Lvl65 Muse COM w/ +3 illuminated fist

I am also looking for anything interesting, have a shittone of weapons, artifacts and coms. Message me if you’re interested to trade.

Got phasezerkers: 1 with splash, crit and weapons damage, 1 with pistol, crit and weapons damage.

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