LF Phasezerker class mod with Weapon Damage and SMG damage

Third slot not that important even if I’d like a good one like dmg or mag size. Got plenty of stuff, god roll items/gear/class mods, feel free to ask for what you want in return, if I have it I’ll mail it to ya :smiley:

I have one with weapon damage, smg damage, magazine size.

I can put up pics tomorrow.

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Sadly I just got the exact same one yesterday, traded :confused: sorry.

Do you have by any chance a Corrosive and Shock Dictator with 100% ASE or next mags with corro/shock dmg bonus ?

I think I might have every element in X3 for Dictators 100% ASE and Shock X6 100% ASE.

I have a few next 2 mags as well.

Do you have any X6?

Got a x6 cryo, with +100% bonus SNTL, Fire x6 Rakk Attack +100% and Gamma Burst (Not sure if this one is x6 though)

I just got word the level cap is going to 53 with the next event, so it looks like we’ll be farming new stuff anyways unless our gear scales.

I have those dictators. If you still want a 100% ASE Dictator you can add me.

PSN jorgeammo

I really hope they’ll give us a way to put oue gear at right level with eridium or something xD farming everything again is going to be a pain XD

And sure, I’m adding you. I’ll give you the cryo SNTL and Rakk/Gamma ones (checked, they’re all x6)

Sent the friend request

I’ll be on in about an hour and I’ll mail them to you.