LF Phasezerker - Lots of good stuff to trade

LF phasezerker with action cool down and a combination of smg dmg, splashdmg, weapon dmg

I have lots of good stuff to trade and can trade multiple items for it


Any preference in skill point breakdown?

I have a few spare phasezerkers

For phasezerkers I could throw your way, I have the following

AS Cooldown/Crit Damage/Grendade Damage
Hyperion Crit/Jakobs Crit/Mailiwan Fire rate
Splash Damage/Weapon Handling/Pistol Damage
Shotgun Damage/Heavy Weapon Damage/Tediore Fire Rate
Dahl Accuracy/AR Damage/Dahl Crit
Hyperion Crit/Health Regen/Reload

No of these are exact, but you are welcome to any of them if you would like

As much as possible into anima

I have a +5 Anima with Cooldown, accuracy, Sniper Rifle Damage

That´s rly nice man but I would like one with at least action cooldown and smg dmg even with less points into anima

No worries, man. I like to help out where I can. If you have trouble getting something closer to what you need, hit me up, and I can toss a com or two your way