LF Phasezerker mod and Electric Banjo

I’ve got a bunch of stuff to trade. Not picky about the stats right now although the better they are, the better stuff I’ll trade

Will these work?

Absolutely. Whatcha looking for?

anointed kyb’s worth or anointed re occurring hex shock

Crap. I lent my friend the hex you want to try but he preferred the rad I also lent him. Didn’t get it back today. If I don’t get the mod and banjo tonight I’l get it back from him tomorrow for you

send me a fr right now Ice-T411

Okay will be Ace_Bower

I don’t normally do it this way but what the hell, its Christmas

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Cool thanks man. You won’t regret it. You’ll either get the recurring shock Hex or what you sent me back (if he did something stupid with the grenade, but I literally just gave it to him today, so expect it)


Closed at OP request.