LF Phasezerker mod with Cooldown reduction on action skill


Looking for a sick phasezerker. Willing to trade multiple items for this. Tell me what you want.

I have a Nighthawkin to trade. I am looking for the following:


  • Shock Lucian’s Call

  • Tortoise Front Loader Anointed - On action skill end - 20% increased action skill cooldown rate

  • Loaded Dice artifact with +sniper damage and +incendiary damage

  • Deathless artifact with assault rifle damage or SMG damage

  • Annexed Vicious Lyuda, (fire, Anointed +50% incendiary damage)

  • Gunner Bloodletter Class Mod, Hyperion roll (with a combination of SMG damage, crit damage, Hyperion damage, fire speed, gun damage, or hyperion crit damage)

  • Gunner Bloodletter class Mod, Vladoff roll (with a combination of assault rifle damage, crit damage, Vladoff damage, fire speed, gun damage, or Vladoff crit damage)

  • Siren Breaker class mod with a point in Find Your Center, +melee damage

i have a annointed night hawkin (Zane mod) and im looking for a rowans call shock


I have shock Rowan’s call.

I also have for unbreakable if that interests you +30% grenade damage and +16% incendiary damage Deathless artifact.

My fire Lyuda isn’t annexed, sorry.

If you are still good send me your Epic games name

EGL: Sintech1349

I sent you my Epic name if you have a few minutes to trade.

burzum666: I have a shock Rowan’s call to trade.

You still need a shock rowan’s what’s ur epic?

can you guys post screenshots of your rowans?

what you want for that?

epic request sent we can figure something out but looking for shock recurring or zane annointed night hawkin


Let me know if you are interested. I added you on Epic.

I have Cryo Lucian’s call. I’m looking for cryo crossroad.

Bump, edited. Only looking for artifact/classmod now.

Got an Ice Breaker Victory Rush with movement speed/hp regen, looking for anointed crossroads/star helix :slight_smile:

Thanks but I just got an Otto Idol Icebreaker with cooldown reduction from graveward lol. Only looking for Phasezerker with cooldown reduction now.

Still searching?