[LF] Phasezerker mod with Pistol damage and 0-1 points in conflux

Other things I’d love to see on the mod would be:
Weapon damage
AoE Damage
Splash Damage
Torgue Damage
Splash Radius
Torgue Projectile Speed
Max Shield
Max Health
Mag Size

Let me know what you’ve got by dropping a pic, and tell me what you are looking for. I’m sure we can work something out.


man dont get me wrong but i am seeing a lot of posts of yours. you should start adding images or names of what you have. you will be making trades much easier.

Too much ■■■■ to post all my images all the time.
Easier to ask what people are looking for.
That being said.
You got what I’m looking for or just posting a criticism?

i dont click posts if i dont have what they are looking for. so in this case yes i have what you are looking for. but since you are not writing what you have or not starting to create much informative posts with images why would i bother listing my requests and such and wait for an answer? it is time waste for both of us. i get it you have too much stuff to take image of but you can at least write about your best items generally.

I have litterally one mule w/ all grenades. One with all shields. One with all Artifacts. One with guns. Need I go on?

What are you hoping I have?

i have literally 21 mules. for every specific category, some for specific manufacturers, some for specific annointment category. i am looking for general good stuff for almost any vh. so i need images or names to choose from. usually i dont care about peoples posts but i saw a lot of posts from you and you are giving 0 information about what you have. it became frusturation to see your name when i click a post to see what a person has to offer for what they are looking for.

You gonna say ANYTHING you are looking for…

Seems to me you have what I want but all you want to do is waste my time telling me I’m wasting yours.

lol. seems like either you dont read my comments or you dont understand them. Do you really think nobody commented on this post in 3 days because they dont have what you are LF? nobody commented because nobody knows what you have. you should give some info. Thats what im trying to say. but if you dont like any kind of criticism then i will stop commenting here (wasting your precious time. lol) just keep in mind you cant make much trades like this. and yes i have what you are looking for but i refuse to trade with you untill you start adding lists or pictures about your items into your posts.

I’ll say it one more time before I am forced to close this thread and reopen a new one because of your trolling.

What is it you are looking for?

Do you have something you need?

Are you just trolling?

Read the forum rules, both of you, please. FORUM RULES