LF:phasezerker (skill damage、splash damage)

1、lvl1 brawler ward ase50 corr
2、phasezerker (skill damage、splash damage)

lvl1 brawler ward ase50(rad fire cryo shock 100melee 200melee)


Bloom:ase 130rad、sntnl、af125fire

Bloom:ase 100 fire、cryo、rad、shock


Bloom:asa 200


Light kinetic:sntnl、ase100cryo、90/300、50/150、ase130rad

Light shock:ase100corr、50/150、90/300、ase100fire

Light corr:ase100corr、ase100cryo

Light fire:90/300、ase100shock、ase100fire、ase130rad、sntnl、ase100fire、50/150、autobear130fire

Light cryo:sntnl、50/150、ase100corr、asa200、ase100、ase130rad、ase100fire、gamma

Light rad:sntnl、ase130rad、ase100fire、50/150

Beacon (corr x2、cryo)/fire:asa 200

Beacon rad/fire x2:rakk 100

Beacon shock/cryo:after bear160splash

Beacon(shock、rad)/cryo:ase 130rad

Beacon corr/fire:ase 100corr

Beacon rad/fire:ase100rad

Beacon cor/cryo x2:ase100shock

Beacon rad/fire x2:ase100fire

Beacon shock/cryo:CH1

Beacon shock/fire:CH1

Harold shock:ase100

Harold rad:ase100shock

Harold kinetic:asa200、ase200splash、ase100rad、ase100、50/150

Gargoyle:ase 100fire、ase 200splash、50/150、sntnl、asa200、ase130rad、CH1

Blanc cory:ase130rad

Blanc kinetic:ase130rad

Blanc shock:ase130rad

Blanc corr:CH1

Blanc rad:ase100


Redistributor rad shock corr:sntnl

Redistributor cryo:CH1

Redistributor rad:50/150

License cryo:50/150、ase100cryo、ase100corr、ase100fire、ase100

License shock:50/150、asa 200、ase100shock、ase100、ase100rad、ase100corr、CH1

License corr:sntnl、50/150、ase 100rad、ase100、90/300、CH1、asa200

License rad:sntnl、50/150、ase100corr、ase100rad、CH1

License fire:90/300、asa200、ase100、ase130rad、ase100fire、gamma

Mother too kinetic:sntnl、ase100、asa200、ase200splash

Mother too rad:ase100、ase100cryo

Mother too corr:ase200splash

Mother too cryo:afbear160

Mother too shock:ase100corr

Flipper shock/cryo:ase100shock

Flipper rad/shock:ase100rad

Flipper corr/fire:ase100shock

Flipper fire/cryo:ase100

Flipper shock/fire:50/150

Flipper corr/shock:50/150

Flipper rad/fire:50/150

Flipper cryo/fire:asa200

Flipper corr/rad:sntnl

Flipper corr/rad:ase130rad

Flipper shock/rad:gamma

Flipper shock/corr:ase100fire

Flipper corr/fire:ase200splash

Flipper corr/rad:ase200splash

Flipper rad/fire:afterbear160

Flipoer rad/shock:CH1

Flipoer corr/cryo:CH1



Rod corr:afterbear125fire、asa200

Blast kinetic:sntnl、ase100shock、ase100corr、ase130rad、ase200splash、bear130fire、50/150

Blast rad:ase100cryo、ase100corr、ase130rad、CH1

Blast shock:ase130rad、CH1


face puncher x14:CH1

face puncher x7 x14:90/300

Reflux x14:50/150

Frequency x24 corr/cryo:ase200splash

Frequency x24 shock/cryo:ase100fire

Frequency x24 shock/fire:ase100

Robins call :50/150、ase100

recursion x2 corr/shock:ase100

recursion x2 rad/fire:ase100corr

recursion x2 rad/cryo:ase100corr

recursion x2 corr/shock:50/150


backburner shock:50/150

backburner corr:ase200splash

backburner rad:ase100


Sand Hawk corr:sntnl

Root rad/corr:sntnl、afterbear160splash

Root shock/fire:afbear160

Root rad/shock:90/300

Root corr/shock:ase100rad

Root rad/fire:CH1

Root shock/cryo:50/150

Root rad/cryo:50/150

Root corr/cryo:asa200

Root rad/fire:auto bear 130fire

Root shock/fire:ase200splash

Root rad/cryo:ase200splash

Root fire/cryo:ase200splash

Root shock/cryo:ase200splash

Root shock/corr:ase200splash

Root shock/fire:ase100corr

Root fire/cryo:gamma

Root rad/shock:ase100

Root rad/fire:ase100

Root rad/fire:ase130rad

Root fire/cryo:ase100rad

Root corr/cryo:ase100fire

Root corr/rad:ase100fire

Root shock/cryo:ase100

Root rad/cryo:ase100cryo

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I have a seein dead with action skill damage

What are the other two entries?

Atlas weapons crit 54%
Action skill damage 36%
COV accuracy 69%

And a second with

Action skill reload time 36%
Cryo resistance 22%
Smg damage 37%

PSN you

Sorry, they’re not what I want.

I have a 300/90 x7 face puncher

I’m interested for it. What do you want in exchange ?

reflux x14 50/150
shock light show consecutive hits

I have reflux x7 ASE fire
Light show IB 125, ASE and ASA only



Phasezerker +2 Anima +3 Conflux
AOE Damage +32%
Pistols Damage +35%
Heavy Damage +35%

For your facepuncher x14 300/90.


And i’ve got a reflux for you

i already have both