LF Phasezerker w Jakobs passives

With the slot machine event going on, I figure that plenty of players are hitting up the Cash Trap machine like I am. The COM I’m looking for is level 57 and preferably has +5 in Clarity, but any skill combination is fine. The passives are more important to me. Any three of these will do, in order of preference:

Jakobs critical damage
Weapon damage
Weapon critical damage
Action skill cooldown
Jakobs weapon damage

I have a few things from the DLC I can offer, including a fire rate/mag size Pearl, a Clairvoyance with ase 100% damage, and fire and radiation versions of Anarchy, both with x12 pellets and +300% damage Phaseslam anoint.

If we can help each other out, let me know! PSN name is TheFourSeven.

Message here or PSN AngelofLove57

Hey one you have any spiritual drivers

@Xkurydogx who you talking to me or the original poster?

Sorry, I’m looking for multiple of the passive bonuses I listed. At least two, if not all three. I know it’s basically asking for a god roll but go big or go home, right?

Yes Good luck in your search.

Either one of you also looking for a cosmic stalker mid