LF- Phasezerker w/ weapon dmg/assault rifle/xx

Let me know what you’re looking for! Thank you!

Bump this! Still looking!


Lookin for Fire or Corrosive Craps with STNL anointment…if you don’t have that…i’ll take any interesting gun with STNL cryo anointed, just for fun.

I’ll check, I think I might have given away a STNL cryo redistributor I had.

Yea I have no STNL stuff, mostly Amara gears. Looking for any ASE stuff? Here’s some none Amara gears I have lol

What about Moze stuff? I don’t play Fl4k.

I’m looking for any 125% blast anoint weapons

Will this work?

I’ll take that bang stick for a friend…Add me: WxndaBread

Awesome! Sent! Epic: Margoraider

I’ll send the item over when I get home.

Bang stick is sent.

Thanks…I sent the Phaserker in the mail

Got it! Ty!