LF Phasezerker W/ weapon dmg or AR damage and Ice braker with AR damge

Please let me know what your looking for and we can see what lines up

Willing to PL new toons or run SH TVHM M3 for you as well.


I have a phasezerker with 31% assault damage, 25% weapon damage and 30% assault rifle handling.

Do you have any crossroads with 300% after phaseslam?

No have a few of them none anointed tho,anything else you are looking for?

Recharger shield with anointed damage reduction?

Nah, have a Survivor Re Charger with 11032 5.9 Delay 1570 rate with 10% movement while depleted 8% health and 17 Resistanta to last damage receieved for 3 seconds anointed 3% max health per second while digi clone is active, give me the rest of your list and ill track it down im farming SS right now

I have an ottos idol ice breaker with +17% assault rifle damage, +14% weapon reload speed, +26% weapon accuracy. Let me know if you are interested :slight_smile:

yep what are you after

Looking for:

  • facepuncher with terror on melee
  • grenades with terror buffs (increased damge, crit, health regen, damage res, ammo regen)
  • commander planetoid with rad melee imbue (preferably melee damage passive but without is fine)
  • lyudas with terror buffs (extra projectile, damage, crit)
  • bounty hunter com (fl4k) with weapon damage/mag passives
  • anointed jericho (ammo regen when terrored preferably)
  • anointed butchers (elemental ones)
  • anointed rad rowans call
  • anointed rad laser sploder
  • maggie with terror buffs (extra projectile, damage, crit)
  • anointed rad flakker
  • infiltrator com (zane) no points in like a ghost, with weapon damage/mag passives
  • cold warrior com (zane) preferably only points in synchronocity, with weapon damage/mag passives
  • elemental projector otto idol with mag size, action skill cd, some sort of damage
  • terror anointed (ammo regen preferably) pestilence
  • thrillbot (purple) big game & hidden machine, preferably with melee passive

I have a anointed itchy flakker Terrified gain increased damage and fire rate

Yeah I have a rad flakker for you