LF Phasezerker with no Anima or Conflux


I am looking for a Phasezerker com with 5 points in clarity (or at a push 4 points and 1 in conflux) with decent passives: AS cooldown, weapon damage, fire rate etc. Not weapon brand specific (unless hyperion) and not weapon specific unless smg.

Yes, I know this is a very specific com. My phaseslam build has plenty of damage and I find that Conflux and Anima will greatly increase my chances of bleeding out to dots.

Have a decent selection of phaseslam gear, too much to list.

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Phazerkers only roll with +5 Anima.

Pretty sure all of the original mods can only roll +5 with one skill. I’ve seen over 100 +5s and this seems to be the case. If you’ve seen a pic I’d love to see it.

I only seen two different skills as +5 with seein dead mods.

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Sorry, don’t understand what you are saying. I am looking for +5 Clarity. Don’t see why it can’t drop with 5 in this skill.

They don’t drop with it. I’ve seen five or six phazerkers that are plus five and all of them are Anima.

I’ve seen tons of plus fives from the vanilla version of the game and they all drop with the same skill each time.

I’d love to be wrong, but after six months of playing this game every day that seems to be the case.

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Though, as a counterpoint, I have played for over 600 hours and I have never seen a cloning maddening tracker. I see no reason why the com wouldn’t drop with the skill I need in +5. I feel that it is just really really rare.

Good luck my suggestion would be to find one with +3 or +4 and look for health regen in the passives. More likely to find it.

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Currently playing golden rule so may stick with that. This is just a wishlist item :slight_smile: