LF: phazerker class mod, anoited redundant brainstormer, anoited lucians calls in corrosive/fire and SnowDrift Otto idol/victory rush. [Have]: jackhammer, conference call, butcher, night hawkin, rowans call all anoited +more

For the phazerker I am looking for +5 to anima. As well as + to gun damage/shotgun damage or both but not required.

Anoitments I’m looking for on the lucians and brainstormer are On ASE next 2 mags 50% bonus incendiary / rad / cryo / etc. dmg.

Have lots of other things to trade as well including anoited weapons for all classes, I will have to double check anoitments but just ask, I may have it. Also can provide pics but not until after 6pm est

Please provide pics or stats of the weapons/ gear

I have an Anointed Siren Lucian’s Call in Corrosive.

  • After Phasegrasping an enemy, Weapon Accuracy and Handling are greatly increased.

368 Dmg/72% Accuracy/58% Handling/ 4.0s Reload/10.67/s Fire Rate/60 Magazine

You happen to have one that give bonus damage on 2 mags


Sorry I should have specified.

It’s no problem bud. I do have phazerker mods in the bank. I can’t remember which ones.


I have fire & cryo Lucians calls. Purple rarity protuberance (rad, Fire, shock) & will have to check my inventory for an ice breaker Otto idol. I have an older inventory list I can post if your interested-then can check my updated inventory & get back to you.

Yeah that would be cool. What are you looking to get?

Okay. The Lucians are ASE deal 125% more damage to bosses, badasses & named.
The protuberances I may be able to post pics if interested.
Still checking on the artifact.
I will post the older inventory list here soon.

I am looking for the anointed shock handsome jack hammer

I dont need protuberence, so you dont have to post pics of those.

A link that takes you to a link…

I would be intrested in the Fortified Tenacious Bloodletter with splash damage increase, smg damage increase and damage reduction if you still have it

Okay. That works. I am at work but we can make this happen later if that’s okay?

What is the anointment on the handsome jack hammer?

Yeah thats fine I’m at work also. I will have to double check but I think its at ASE increase gun damage by 100%

Okay. Thank you

Gotcha. I will add you once I get home around 6pm est. GT HurtfulRyan m

Okay thank you. I will do the same.

I have a few Icebreaker Otto Idol’s, The brainstormer, and an anointed Lucians call in fire to trade.

What are you looking for?