LF: Phazerker Class MOd

Hey Hunters,

One of the last things on my need to find list is a Phazerker Class mod that has at least SMG Damage and Mailwan Weaopn Damage.

Thanks a bunch!!

I have it. I think the other perk is Weapon Damage, but I’ll have to check. Won’t be on until later on tonight.

Looking for Kyb’s Worth preferably shock corrosive but I’m open.

Any of the new mods for Flak or Zane.

Jacobs or Vladof weapons anointed for Fadeaway weapon handling and accuracy greatly increased.

STNTL bonus cryo weapons i don’t already have.

Thanks for the reply…

Unfortunately no Kybs worth. Have not seen any drops on FL4k/Zane modes. I’ll go through my jakobs and valdofs!!