LF Plaguebearer M6+, anoint is no concern

As title but as a trade i mostly run M6 so cant offer anything M10, sorry. GT: yipikiya

Did you find one?

Not yet, i gave up for now. Farming in this game will drive you insane lol.

I sent you a fire Plaugebearer. Terrible anointment but it is M10

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Thank you. You needanything at the moment?

Not necessary. Are you looking for anything else? I am clearing out my bank.

Any good seein dead coms or spiritual drivers?

I don’t keep any of those. Always use the same one. I have many m10 guns if you have had trouble getting any.

No problem. Only thing im hunting is a corrosive monarch but that’s about it. I know those are s pain to get so no worries if you don’t have one.

You got reflux’s/sand hawks/kaosons/back burners and all that? I don’t think I have a corrosive monarch.

Don’t have any backburners or sandhawks.

Sent you a couple sand hawks and reflux just incase. Still don’t have a back burner?

I have fire/shock/corrosive backburners. Any cutpurse launch pads in your bank?

Check your mail!

Cool thank you very much! I actually am looking for some launch pads with the homing rockets if you have spares.

Also to answer your other question I have gotten a few backburners so unless you have some spares im good.

You still looking for a plaguebearer ? I got a rad one with con hit anointment lvl 60

Yeah still don’t have a rad element yet. What are you hunting for it?

I have a corrosive and rad Plaguebearer with random anoints.

Mostly good class mods or good guns with con hit or 200 % while asa