LF Plaguebearer or Backburners

All elements, looking for damage anoints except 300/90.

Lemme know how I can help you for these


Any Blast master class mod?

Sent you 3 already I think. You have plague bearers or backburners?

Thx man👍🏽 Yup, lot of backburners et some plaguebearers too. Tell me what you want.

If you have a ch1%o ase or asa… pretty much any damage anoint I would appreciate it. If I get a better blast master I’ll send it to you. Let me know what else you’re looking for as well.

Hey buddy do you have any good red fangs? thanks

I have a couple I think… got one that’s got 5 to ferocity :man_shrugging:



Hey , i have Fire Plaguebearer CH1% , and a lot of Backburner with ASE next mag and one with 150/50% , do you have a good Stackbot ?

Or a good bounty hunter with +3 most dangerous game

Yes. I have a couple stackbots I don’t remember the stats on them. I will gladly trade for ch1 and 50/150

I think I have a couple of those as well w +3. I’ll check that in a few

Add me whenever ready


Can i have the stats of the class mod ?

Dude… just gimme your PSN. It’s fine.

I’ll mail them to you when I get on tonight.

FR send , i’ll send you the Backburner 150/50% and Plaguebearer CH 1% to night or tomorrow