LF Plasma Coil m10

About 50 Arms Race runs - and still no luck. And I don’t particularly enjoy Arms Race :frowning:

If anyone has a spare one laying around and collecting dust - I’d happily put it to use. Would really like “exit IB N2M 125% incendiary” or CH, but will gladly accept any anoit at this point.

My Xbox tag is Essavias.

Still looking for one?

Yep, still after one. Had to take a break from Arms Race - it was wearing me out :slight_smile:

Now you have two :smiley:

Appreciate it a lot mate! Anything I could do for you? Got a lot of Free Radicals in the bank, if you need any particular anoint?

Glad to help.

Not looking for guns, just coms. Phasezerker or a good blast Master

I’ll be farming coms this week anyway, will save you any good zerkers.


And of you dont like Arms race, just farm the Boss. I did like 10 Boss runs and got 3 plasma coils. But maybe i just got lucky :smiley:

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I’ve just started trying to farm for one, I’ve done 7ish runs and haven’t seen one just yet. I will try your method of just boss farming!

Sent you few decent Blastmasters, hope they work out for you.