LF Plasma Coil n2m Cryo please help

Just looking for a n2m Cryo of this gun. Have tons of stuff to trade so let’s work out a trade!

I have one with melee, as cooldown and weapon damage if your interested?

Yeah I am my psn is R4y2a1n what are you looking for?

I’m after tizzys and boogeyman with 150/50 anoint. Or a good spy com

I have a corrosive x3 tizzy with ch1 and another tizzy I’ll check for gimmie a moment

I have urad and n2m corrosive plasma coil. If you are still looking for it!

I am interested in the plasma coil with n2m corrosive my psn is R4y2a1n let’s work out a trade

Hey i sent fr. My psn is crazy-bee006

Do you have any good roll of relics that you can offer?
Or i am looking for uran backburner and plaguebear.

I much prefer big trade.

Heres my list

I’m interested in your mindsweeper weapon crit splash. I have plaguebearers urad.

Send me fr what elements do you have?

All elements. Will add you later

Ok i will take all except rad one!

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Just add you


Have one N2M fire if you want

I would appreciate it man

Will send it when I finish work :+1:t5:



For coil w/ cryo? If so add me; ill send it when i get a chance
Psn is same my ID here