LF Plus Ultra and Urad/250% phasecast/300% slam gear [H] A lot of goodies,list just below

Hey guyz,

Firstable,my item list :

And now,the M10 lvl 65 items i would be interested in ( except kinetic version ) :

  • A Phasezerker with the next bonuses :
    Splash dmg - Dahl critic dmg - Jakobs critic dmg/ As cooldown / shotgun dmg/ wp critic / wp dmg
    Would also like a more Jakobs oriented one with :
    Jakobs crit - Jakobs dmg - AS cooldown / shotgun dmg / wp dmg / wp critic
    And a last one with pistol dmg - wp critic dmg/wp dmg / splash dmg /As cooldown
    If u have close propositions,don’t hesitate to tell me

  • A Plus Ultra shield with a double AMP effect on it and an elemental 50% ASE as anointment

  • 250% phasecast :
    Monarch x4/x8
    Light show in cryo
    x3 full auto Starved Beast in cryo-shock-fire
    Full auto SandHawk in fire-corro-shock

  • 300% slam :
    Monarch x4 in corro / x8
    Light show in fire-shock-rad
    x3 full auto Starved Beast
    Reflux x7
    Flipper (only shock/corro )
    Full auto SandHawk in fire-corro-shock

  • Urad kaos (except in shock)
    Urad kaosonx2 ( except in fire )
    Urad Smog
    Urad Redistributor in fire-cryo-rad
    Urad proprietary license in cryo
    Urad Convergence x8 in fire and shock

  • 200% splash Beacon
    200% splash Prompt critical x3 ( except in cryo and rad )

  • A CoV pistol with +120% melee and with the anointment “200% melee after phaseslam”

My psn :

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How about a monarch X8 sntl cryo for your Unseen Threat - 20885 sntl cryo

psn halinglis

If i understand well,the monarch u proposed is a kinetic x8 SNTNL,right ?
If yes,i’m not really interested about the kinetic version :confused:

No worries.

Got all the Monarch’s with sntnl. If interested i would like from you:

  1. Recursion corro/cryo - 9008 150/50
  2. Atom Balm Deathless +20% sniper dmg +50% Mag Size +20% corro dmg
  3. Sand hawk corro - 9248x9 - full auto ase100
  4. Sand hawk cryo - 8933x9 - full auto ase100
  5. Sand hawk shock - 8808x9 - full auto ase100

Hey swepatrik,
Firstable,i’m sorry about 2 things,the delay to answer u and about this corro Sand Hawk 100% ASE,i checked it and it’s a burst one,not a full auto … dunno what happened in my brain.
The other ones u asked are full auto btw.

Somebody sent me a x4 radiation - fire-corro Monarch during the night and i’m waiting to receive a fire and corro x8 ones but i’m still interested about the others !

Alright, can mail the others over tonight after work. They are x8 btw. Will send you fr and msg you tonight when i get home.

Understood mate,
Good work day to u !

Hello, sending you the shock,cryo and radiation x8 with sntnl.

Can take the recursion, deathless and sand hawk shock from my earlier post.

Hi again mate,
understood,i’m gonna reunite all the items and i will send it all in the next 5 -10 minutes

No rush, thanks for the trade :slightly_smiling_face:

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Thank u too man ! :v:

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Yo. I have a trade list if you’re interested in some items. I’m not sure what you’re looking for since you made some trades already. There are a couple of items on your list I am interested.

PSN - Renovatio_Zero

Hey old mate,

Last time we talked,i had to choose an item from ur list and well,finally,time has passed and i didn’t want to bother u with that …
But it didn’t mean i’m not interested about what u have,because i am.

So this is the first items u have which are making eyes at me :

  • x2 Kaoson shock 50/150
  • x2 Kaoson corro 50/150
  • x2 Kaoson fire SNTNL cryo
  • x2 Kaoson corro SNTNL cryo

(same question as before,are they full auto ? )

If u want more items from my list,i could choose more items from ur,it’s not a problem,tell me what u want bud’.

And btw last time we chatted,u said u could maybe have a good class mod and artefact for Moze ? If i’m right,what did u have in mind ?


I’m good on the class mods for Moze now. As for the Kaosons, they’re all full auto. I have a few things in mind in your list but if you want more items from my list let me know its cool.

These I want for sure…
*Yellowcake x2 - 90/300
*Moonfire Corrosive 50/150
*Plaguebearer Fire 100%ASE
*Corrosive Old God w/ 50% rad ASE
*Shock Old God w/ 50% cryo ASE
*Atom Balm Deathless 20sniper; 50 mag; 20 corrosive

Questions on some of your guns.
*OPQ SNTL 100% - is it 1.5 zoom?
*Are any of your Recursions x2?

Ah crap,i forgot to precise the sight on my list,unfortunately,it’s this horrible 5.0 sight …

And about the Recursions,the 50/150 is x1,the SNTNL cryo one x2 and the 300>90 one also x2, i don’t have another one

Ill take the 300>90 x2 one as well.

Understood bud’,i’m gonna reunite all the things u asked for and put it in a lovely box to send it to ya :heart:

Personnally,i would looooove to have from u the next things :

  • x2 Kaoson shock 50/150
  • x2 Kaoson corro 50/150
  • x2 Kaoson fire SNTNL cryo
  • x2 Kaoson corro SNTNL cryo
  • Redistributor corro SNTNL
  • Redistributor shock SNTNL
  • Redistributor rad 50/150

Thanks in advance mate !

Everything is sent. Enjoy!

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Oh,with all these toys u sent to me,it would be hard to not enjoyyyyy’
Same for u Rusiana-sama :call_me_hand: