LF Plvl I know that sucks

So I started my 3rd char (Amara) and I got to Skywell (lvl 17 area) I am lvl 13 I did not have help getting there I just grinded and beat Traunt. I am looking for a 4 lvl plvl if anyone is free… Because i dont want to grind i already have 2 chars at 50.

GT: Aggitated Yeti

I can trade Plvls too.

Just trying to boost this… anyone

Please haha

I can help, problem is my daughters baby shower today. Don’t know when I will be free

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Feel free to add GT: Enigmatic65536, if I’m on I’ll Plvl

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Thanks to either one of you! I have you both added so whenever works for you let me know =)

Capn batman1

Whenever I log on TOMORROW if you need still

Yes that would be awesome. I dont think I will be on till wednesday. But I will add you and reach out if we are on at the same time!

Thanks in advance =)

Hey, not sure if I’ll be on tomorrow or the next day. Sorry… absolutely will do it if you need it still then