LF Potent Quckie (anointed preferred)

After hours, days, and weeks, I seem to be unable to find the seemingly-elusive Potent Quickie. -Any- will do, but I’d prefer one with ASE 125% splash dmg, or Moze’s 120% variant.

How hard is it for a guy to get a quickie around here?

All jokes aside, I’m sure I have to things to offer in return.

I have a X2 potent quickie non annointed tho, if you would like to trade my PSN is: kemo_zero

Sure, anything you need in return?

Still looking for an anointed variant if anyone has anything.

I might have one. Comment on me so it bookmarks so when I check I can tell you if I have it. I don’t rememeber the annoint and I am not online atm.

alrighty, get back to me when you can

Ever get around to finding it?

No I have been busy as hell and took some family time and then came back and soloed M4 maliwan raid with FL4K. It kills me to say this but the raid was full of woodblockers, boring guns, a couole of super 10 gallons, and a tri bolt. I am so disappointed. I knkw this is off topic but if a person solos a raid that doesn’t scale down loot should scale up for every person not in the party. There needs to be better rng in this game. Back on topic I will be on soon and will get right back to you.