LF Power Level! Have lots to trade!

Looking For:
I really just need some help getting my 2nd character up to level 50! Willing to pay 50 mil if you want cash. For everyone else I’ve got guns, glorious guns. Willing to part with multiple of these legendaries for the PL.


  • (Anointed) Turbo Ten Gallon
  • (Anointed) Speedloadn’ Hellwalker
  • (Anointed) Arctic Reflexive Night Hawkin
  • (Anointed) Conference Call
  • (Anointed) Quickdraw Monocle
  • (Anointed) Arctic Star Helix
  • (Anointed Gunner) Casual Flakker
  • (Anointed Beastmaster) Itchy Flakker
  • (Anointed Beastmaster) Expert ASMD
  • (Anointed Beastmaster) Dastardly Maggie
  • (Anointed Beastmaster) Burning The Boring Gun (Fire)
  • Double-Penetrating The Boring Gun (Rad)
  • Lucian’s Call (Corrosive)
  • Binary Mocking Cutsman (Fire)
  • Undermining Crossroad (Rad)
  • Hostile The Butcher (Fire)
  • Sublime Firestorm
  • Engulfing Shredifier
  • Rebel Yell
  • Maxxed-Out Baby Maker ++
  • Frozen Ginormous Bangarang XL (Cryo)
  • Unending Magnificent (Corrosive, second barrel)
  • Venomous Barrage (Corrosive)
  • Projectile Recursion (Red + Corrosive)
  • Negating Faisor (Cryo)
  • Auditing Bitch (Cryo)


  • Rain Firestorm
  • Singularity Firestorm
  • Large Firestorm (+20% explosion radius)
  • Storm Front
  • Mitosis Hex (Rad)
  • Widowmaker (Rad)


  • (FL4K) Man-Eater Bounty Hunter (splash radius, weapon dmg, hyp reload)
  • (FL4K) Frothing Teething Rakk Commander (dahl crit, cov fire rate, hp)
  • (Moze) Smoking Calorie Burning Rocketeer (crit, splash radius, atlas crit)
  • (Moze) Sanctified Batty Blast Master (splash radius, hyp reload, shock res)
  • (Zane) Scattered Prepped Cold Warrior (dahl acc, cov acc, fire res)
  • (Zane) Bashing Shockwave Infiltrator (jakobs reload, cryo res, dahl reload)
  • (Zane) Shady Shockwave Infiltrator (tediore acc, nade dmg, acc)


  • G.A.I.N.S. Nova Berner
  • Buckler Nova Berner
  • Brawler Ward
  • Conformist Stop-Gap


  • Cutpurse Victory Rush (+mag size, +ffyl duration, +shock chance)


I have two phasezerkers:
(mag size, pistol dmg, atlas reload) (+1 conflux, +2 anima, +2 clarity)
(torgue proj speed, melee dmg, cov dmg) (+2 conflux, +3 anima)

If you want either of those for the re-router

Im interested in the first phasezerker! i’ve had no luck getting any to drop.


@s0unsyy I dont mind helping you level, but it would have to be this saturday if anything.

Thanks sacho! unfortunately i work saturday so can’t do that day. i can do sunday or monday?

@s0unsyy Sunday should be fine, I’ll post here if any changes

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