LF power levelling

I really only play zero I’ve been trying to get my Sal up there but just gets kind of boring with him . I feel like he’ll be much more enjoyable at 72 or higher . Help is greatly appreciated.

I’d like to get a Maya up there as well some where down the line .

What level are you now? I or perhaps @LunaticOne may be able to help.

My zerker is at 35 I believe

I have the cable guy coming tomorrow sometime between 12 and 4 hopefully they dont send this guy

but afterwards I could help with a few levels.

Lmao alright for sure thank you gt : POPPAxMOLLIE
on 360

appreciate the plug, but now my help is only available on Xbox 1 now

Someday I’ll have one…

Man mee too someday

Cable guy just left and I’m about to get on BL2.

Ok I’m on