LF Pre Sequel lvl 70 Stormfront, Shock Hyperion glitch shotgun & assorted gear

I’m looking for a level 70 versions of a Stormfront, Quazar, a shock Hyperion glitch shotgun, 3DD1E, Celestial Class Mod (Athena & Wilhelm) and any sort of decent shield that might help keep me alive with an Athena build for soloing EOS. Any help would be much appreciated.

whats your gamertag

Nikki Scheol

I have the 3DD1E now but still looking for all the other loot.

I have a question. When fighting EOS, and you pull out Athena’s shield does it block the eye of Helios laser?

Yup it does

ok just making sure. On PS4 it does not. lol

Message me on Xbox my gamertag is Ferocious I have everything you could ever need for a Athena.