LF prenerf Brawler Ward

Would be super grateful if someone could drop me one psn Zhurtek

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What you mean by pre-nerf?

Saw on Reddit that new drops of the brawler ward are now at 180% melee bonus instead of 300

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With double Roid bonus?

No idea, I know that the “brawler” version was always previously dropping at 300% but now it doesn’t

I’m on Xbox unfortunately, so I can’t help, but I’ve gotten a couple today at 300% with the double roids so if you do Graveward some you shouldn’t have too much problem getting it

I still got 2 anointed 300% melee brawlers. One with 30% dmg reflect, another with 20% cooldown after action skill.

I have one at level 43 with 300% roid. What do you have to trade?

Got it, thanks everyone

Ive farmed this alot I got a 180 earlier but i keep getting roid wards now i fear i missed the nerf i would verry much appreciate a 300. Im on xbox.