LF Prismatic Bulwark + Some Weapons (Level 70)

Hey I’m looking for some legendary gear. I have a couple of things to trade at the moment.

Looking For (All Level 70 Please)

Prismatic Bulwark

Currently Have

Longbow Bonus Package
Eridian Vanquisher Class Mod (Enforcer)

If you would like to trade my Steam name is Vokun. Add me there or reply to this post, thanks.

Steam: wintypes/Ha_Na, CET time zone. Got most items on your list. Why not a glitched Thinking or a Bullpup/Company man instead of the Marketer?

I got everything but a Fragnum and a Torrent ready to go for you. Maybe you’ll want a purple DP Slapper on top? It has overall better stats than a Hard 88 Fragnum.

I’m looking for a lvl 70 Arctic Bomber Oz kit, and a glitched Shock Development shotgun if you have one.

Thanks for trading.