Lf>promo critical u-rad and kaos sntl

I’m looking for every element but fire for u rad prompt

Kaos sntl k need in every single element please. I have a bunch of stuff to offer just ask and I might have it

If you do have the KAOS in CH for any element i will take that as well

the SNTL monarchs i need in every element as well as U-rad monarchs

I def have a urad crit… I guarantee I have a sntl100 kaos… I’ll double check

Aight bet my dude. lemme knoww what you got.

I have an asa200 kaos so only got the urad crit. Just add me n specify

i have rad x3 and x4 urad prompt critical

X4 rad sounds good what you loooong for?

Just say no tnx if you’re not interested. That’d be greatly appreciated.

do you have any good shield with apply terror to yourself

Is the kinetic x4 or x3?

theyre both rad