LF Ps4 cosmetics

Been hunting some cosmetics for awhile and need some help. I can trade other cosmetics or orange gear if need be.

ECHO skin:
Eye Pad

Room Decor:
COV Sword
Dynasty Diner
HBC Poster 6
Neon Peach
Trooper Disc
Use Protection
Wotan’s Head

Weapon Skin:

Vehicle Cosmetics:
Golden Hog

heavy armor
monster wheels
jet booster
blue angels
I like dinosaurs


A lot of the vehicle skins are bugged. I have a COV sword if you want it.

Vehicle cosmetics and parts are earned by hijacking other vehicles and doing Crew Challenges. It’s not an item like other cosmetics that’s inside your inventory, it just unlocks automatically after you drive back a hijacked vehicle to a vehicle spawning point. Actually, the Cyclone Bubblegum skin is earned for finishing the Dynasty Dash side mission on Eden-6 before the timer hits 9 minutes. I know you’re looking for a trade, but this might help until you have sent it to you (I’m on PC, otherwise I would send some stuff to you) I got the Eye Pad once from Katagawa’s Ball, and once again in Skywell 27 from a chest near the place where you have to hack the elevator for Rhys (I’ll post a picture later of the exact location of the chest). Neon Peach is a drop from Debt Collector in the Moxxi’s DLC, if you do the Sisterly Love side quest, he will spawn at the end of the quest and after the quest, but not until that. I never saw Neon Peach dropped from other places. Wotan’s Head is Takedown only drop, you won’t find it any other places. For the Psychodelic weapon skin I recommend Graveward, he dropped me the most of those. For other decorations I think you have a high chance on Graveward again, but most of them I got from world drops.

I know where everything drops, I’m just tired of farming and getting everything besides the ones I am missing. I do find vehicle cosmetics but they blow up before I can get to the parking spot…

thank you, anything you looking for?

I know the struggle :'D

Nope. I’ll just give it to you

Thank you for generosity, I sent you a friend request

you still need psychodelic weapon skin?

Yes please! you need anything?

Moze annointed splash cutsmans or 100% ase weapons for fl4k ill send right now tho

I have a few Moze anointed weapons, got a purple terror that creates cryo nova, ASMD for when Auto bear is active.
I don’t have splash Cutsman.
I have a Cutsman, ASMD, Nukem, AutoAimé, that does 100% damage to enemies damaged by Rakk attack.

Not what im looking for thanks anyway

was digging through my bank and I don’t have any that just do ase :frowning: sorry
thank you for you generosity, it means a lot