LF PS4 Friends to Play Battleborn

Hey guys, I’m here to see if I can add a few people to my friends’ List on the PS4 in order to play Battleborn (and maybe other games?) with. I am looking to play with people during the BB Beta in a few weeks and when the game comes out.

I’m not looking to be hyper-competitive (at least not until I git really gud) BUT I wouldn’t mind playing PvP competitive matches if I feel that the team is good enough. I also wouldn’t mind playing PvE whenever I’m not playing PvP in order to grind for gear, character levels, and stuff of that sort (which will probably be what I do at the beginning).

Also the following are important criteria for playing with me.

  1. Be over 18+ of age, It helps me feel comfortable with talking freely about anything. I also care for some degree of maturity.
  2. Don’t be a salty jerk. I don’t need somebody who is taking gaming too seriously and is getting upset over the game rather than having fun. If we lose a game(s) then we’ll just git gud-er. I’m very fond of the idea of PRACTICING whether it be PvE or against Bots in the PvP maps in order to improve.
  3. I have some degree of visual issues, so I don’t really wanna hear how ■■■■ my aim is, I am aware and probably am doing my best to hit things :stuck_out_tongue: .
  4. Have a sense of humor and enough common sense to identify humor. I can’t stress that enough. Friendly teasing happens from time to time.

Some Info:
-I’m 26, a very casual gamer, and very easy going.
-I’m in eastern United States, so EST time zone.
-I’m kinda easily irritated by constant ramblings about random things while playing a game. So keep the stories about your Aunt Vicky’s peg-leg for when we’re queuing or in the lobby or w.e Unless I get to know you well enough and am invested in knowing about Your Aunt Vicky’s peg-leg, then that’s a different story.

I’m mainly interested in playing the following;

I have little to no interest in

I’m more comfortable playing support in PvP and am ok with any role in PvE. This means I’ll probably be playing Ambra, Miko, Reyna or Kleese in PvP (or if I get really good with any of the offensive characters in my top list, then I could use one of those).


[size=24]iPayUrFrenZ[/size] is my PSN ID. Just shoot me a friend request if you think you’d like to play with me and post here to let me know who you are. If you have The Handsome Collection, I’d probably jump on it so we can play together and get to know each other more before Battleborn’s arrival! I’m looking for fun and respectful individuals to have a Sh*tton of fun with in a game I’m excited to play.

Feel free to ask me any questions here or privately or w.e about anything.


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What if aunt Vicky’s peg leg is an important formation for a match? Or a really interesting story?


Then obviously I’m all ears? Lol.

I just have had experiences where I’m in a game and a player insists on going on (and on…and on) about a topic that the rest of the party clearly isn’t interested in. If the rest of the people are ok with talking about Aunt Vicky’s leg in the middle of the game, then sure go for it. But if you’re telling that story and everyone else is silent OR trying to discuss the game, then that’s a hint to drop that story and change subjects (a safe segue into the game would be preferred).

In short. I just want to be able to have a group-wide convo, regardless of topic, instead of having 1 random person rambling on into everybody’s ear about something nobody remotely even cares about.

Friend request sent.

Add SayBacon

I’ll gladly join in. I’m definitely up for having more people I can play Battleborn with once the open beta/full game come around.

As for your criteria…

  • I have a mic
  • I’m over 18
  • I also hate when people get salty as the Dead Sea
  • I wear glasses, so I know what visual issues feel like
  • My sense of humor is heavily glazed with sarcasm
  • I’m interested in going through and understanding all of the characters, and I really liked Montana in the CTT so it’s no problem that you’re not interested in him. :wink:

My PSN ID is PheelyksArtifex


ADD ME, MY NAME IS Lordofon :smirk:

Ok, I think I got everyone here. Accepted those who have sent requests and sent requests to the others.

Could drop a friend request my way if you wish


Just going to post it here anyways. If anyone wants a friend request for ps4 just send me one using my forum name and add a message that says battleborn friends request or something. Either way.

Hell yeah Im down for some Battleborn, Im in the UK so I am 4 hours ahead of EST but hopefully that’s not much of an issue. I also got the Handsome Collection and I’m sure it would be tons of fun to play that during the holidays. :grinning:
Hit me up,


I tend to be quiet most of the time but I do have a mic. My aim can also be fairly bad at times despite me not having visual issues, lol. If you’re alright with that then feel free to add me, my PSN ID is PrinceOfPrinnys.

I already have a group of people who will be putting a lot of time in with me during the beta and after release. You are all welcome to join us. Check out my forum post. If you want you can even request to join our clan. It’s open and casual but we like to win if we can manage it.

Join us PS4 Clan recruitment: Raiders Against Darkness wants YOU

Howdy all,
I’ll be playing the beta and have pre order the game. I am over 18 and am playing mostly PVZ GW2 atm but will playing BB full time (and sprinkling in some Overwatch). I fall in the category with Pheelyksartifex almost to a T.

PSN: runningp

Sign me up!
Psn: Hir365

Wait I don’t have a mic sorry. :\

The PS4 should’ve come with a little do-hicky that you can connect to the controller and use as a mic. It’s pretty tiny but it should work.

Well I have lost it , doesn’t really matter cause I’m 14 soo yeah, I maybe I’ll see you randomly on pvp. Bye

Well maybe I should read a bit more

I plan to send you a request when I get home, but I might forget… :-\

More Battleborn Friends = moar fun!