LF PS4 gear, have lots to trade

Hi all.
Cryo Beacon with Urad annointment.
Cryo old god with multiple absorb.
Cryo old god with multiple turtle.
Bloodletter with Weapon dmg, SMG dmg, then either splash dmg, weapon crit dmg, maliwan weapon dmg, Maliwan crit dmg, mag size.
Ice breaker deathless with secondary rolls of cryo damage, mag size then either SMG dmg, splash dmg.

I’ve got lots to trade, apologies for no list at the moment but will work on that and upload next week. The pearl, flippers, launchers, bangstick, 300/90 facepuncher, 432 crit unforgiven, lots of Moze gear with Urad annointments, class mods, shields and so on.
I’m not online for a few days yet but putting this up early to see what’s out there.
PSN is wonga-bunny.

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I have ice breaker deathless with splash, smg and cryo damage.

Also have bloodletter with weapon, action skill damage. And an other one with splash damage, mag size and charge speed

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That’s a nice deathless! Would love a copy please.

I will send it to you when i finish work :+1:t5:

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