LF Psycho Stabber 300/90 Anoint and others

Hello everyone I am fairly new to the game and was trying to build a melee amara kit I saw in a video, and as such I am looking for a psycho stabber with the 300/90 damage anointment. My luck with Borman Nates is terrible can’t get him to drop the psycho stabber at all. Have a decent amount of Mayhem 10 gear to trade and/or willing to help farm for anything.

Also looking for Stinger shield (ideally cryo resistance), 14 pellet face puncher with 300/90 anointment and the Fishslap grenade mod ideally with the 25% damage boost when thrown. I did not own the game when the fish slap was available so that would be greatly appreciated. GT is nola luva 9

I’ve got some of the stuff your looking for. Any chance you have some phasecast 250 items I’m looking for. I’m looking for hellwalker/lightshows/plasmacoil/tizzy/trickshot/prompt critical/backburner/plaguebearer. I’m also hunting for good atom balm victory rush.

Unfortunately I do not. The only Phasecast 250 weapons I have are a thunderball fists and a shock storm.

However I am currently farming Light Shows for a different anoint so if I get one or of the others at any point I will let you know.

I noticed your other post in the forum and I do have a snowdrift victory rush with +30 action skill cool down, +38 melee damage and +24 incendiary damage. Not sure if that’s the kind of one you’re looking for though.

I’ll take the snowdrift. I will try to send the psycho stabber later tonight once I’m done work. Gt is Ye olde wolf

I’m also looking for a urad psycho stabber

Sounds good. I’ll let you know if I get that light show

Update: Just got a light show with the Phasecast 250. Also got the ASMD and Gargoyle with same anoint. Was there anything else on my list you had that you are willing to trade?

I’ve got the stinger shield. I’m pretty certain I have the facepuncher but it might be a x7. I’ve got a few different fish slaps but I don’t think I have the on throw annoint

If the Face puncher is x14 then that would be my top choice. Otherwise I would want to know what the anoints are on the stinger and fishslaps to choose between them.

No need to choose. I will give you what I have for the gargoyle and the lightshow. The stinger shield is the action skill start annoint. I will have to look at the fish slaps but I know for sure I have a incendiary on ase. I’m 99% certain the the facepuncher is x14.

Are you looking for class mods or artifacts as well?

Wow thank you so much I appreciate it. I am looking for a muse class mod with +3 in illuminated fist as well as a pearl w/mag size (I have farmed for like 10 of them and haven’t gotten mag size on any of them lol)

I’ve got a few different muses that I will send as well as a pearl with mag size and fire rate

Really, thank you that’s very generous. Would you like to do it over the mail or join game?

I might have to join up with you. If I can’t get them ready tonight or in the morning I will have to join up

Alright just lmk whatever’s easier for you. I’m online rn and will be for the next couple hours so if in that timeframe you’re good to go just send me an invite. Thanks again.

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