LF Psycho Stabber 300/90

Borman doesn’t give them out for me. Let me know if you need something else. Thanks.

Xbox: afsplat

I’ve got what you need.lol I have a long list of what I’m looking for. Let me know if you have any
n2m/urad/consecutive hits/asa 200 clairvoyance
n2m/urad/consecutive hits/asa 200 skullmasher
n2m/urad/consecutive hits/asa 200 boom sickles
n2m/urad/consecutive hits/plasma coil
n2m/urad/consecutive hits/asa 200/ase 200 splash prompt critical
Stinger shield with melee on ase.
Stinger shield with a.s.s annoint.
Brawler ward with 300 melee with melee on ase
Brawler ward with 300 melee with a.s.s annoint
Knife drain static charge artifact with melee, splash dmg, splash radius, aoe, action skill cool down, or action skill dmg rolls.
Psycho stabber with urad annoint.
Psycho stabber with cryo while terrified annoint.
Level 57 fish slap with annoints other than while asa.
Hellwalker with crit while terrified annoint.

I’ll be on tomorrow AM and I’ll check your list. I envy your organizational skills.

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Lol thanks. Add me my gt is Ye olde wolf.

I have the crit terror hellwalker or the cryo psycho stabber.

Just got your msg. I now have the hellwalker but I’m interested in the terror cryo psycho stabber. What are you looking for?

It’s in your inbox. I know it’s a tall order, but do you happen to have a consecutive hits plasma coil or boogeyman? Thanks.

I don’t have the ch plasma coil. I have ch shock boogeyman.

I knew it was a long shot. Thanks if you can spare the boogeyman. I keep an eye out for the other stuff on your list.