LF Psycho Stabber with 300/90 anoint

As the title says. I have lots to trade ask me I might have what you are looking for.

Do you have a corrosive, shock, or radiation Mitosis Hunter seeker with matching element ase?

Actually I do but I got this item already but if you add my psn R4y2a1n I’ll toss you over the rad mitosis with matching ase I have

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Also interested in the mitosis hunter seeker. Is there anything else you’re looking for? :slight_smile:

Only thing I am looking for is a Face Puncher x14 sentinel cryo anoint, send me a request at my psn R4y2a1n and I’ll send you one

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Thanks! Just sent you a FR. I do have facepunchers but not with SNTNL unfortunately. Will send it to you if I find one.