LF Psycho Stabber

If not a Phaseslam 200 one, then I’ll take ANY P.S. I can get…been farming this thing for too long

SHIFT: WxnderBread

Hi. I’m still trying to farm the perfect ones for my build (Phaseslam 200, 300/90),melee 100 action skill end), but I already got a couple of non anointeds and some anointeds… Just add me if you want and I’ll check what I have for you - a non anointed 340% Melee I definitely can give away😎 Epictag is the same as my name here…

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I use SHIFT…is your name the same on SHIFT platform?

Actually, I’m good, I found one…thanx

On Shift its common_spruce. Great, hope you got the one you wanted.