Lf psychostabber cryo when terrified

psychostabber with cryo damage when terrified :sob: (need desperately)

I have terror items and various items let me know what you are looking for

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Dude, crappy I just noticed you’re on PS4. I have that item and would have been happy to send it to you. I endlessly farmed that item given the small window of time we had. I tested it out, its not that great tbh. I made a quick Terror build on my Melee Amara. it works, but the 300/90 anoint on the Stabber is much much better.

Fantastic! Many thanks
I ll send you a request psn RHAAAALoovely
Is there anything I can get you?

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You misunderstood my first sentence. I’m on PC. I didn’t realize you were on PS4 till it was too late. lol
sorry if I mislead you. I was more pointing out that I tried the cryo psycho stabber and it underperformed compared to my current anointment.

haaa… I should have read more carefully. Funny I found someone on playstation with the same gamertag :rofl:

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that’s pretty funny. I’d go so far as to say that person is awesome. :innocent:

I can send 1, just may take a day or so; feel free to add me
Psn is same as here

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That s great! Many thanks ! I ll add you my psn is RHAAAALoovely
If I can get you something please ask.

I’ll have to get back to you on that; I’ve currently run out of space

I can relate, it s fortunate that there is the option to directly create a lv13 character because I have more mules than actually playing characters