LF Purple max / good stat Dahl allegiance relic - have OP8's to trade


I’m after the relic that boosts mag size & burst delay please.

Have these OP8’s to trade…

  • Boss Bekah
  • fire Hefty Baby Maker
  • shock Brisk Avenger
  • shock, fire & corrosive Rightsizing Bitch’s
  • Nasty Ogre
  • The Sham 94%

PSN dogstar13


What kind of stats are you looking for on it?

Hey, tbh I’m more concerned with getting the relic than the stats, I’m sure as it’s
purple OP8 the stats will be good anyway! Just need the relic for doing sand hawk
only dig runs.

If you have one to trade that would be awesome and you’re welcome to
whatever from my stuff.